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3 Air Conditioning Myths

HVAC Technician performing air conditoning maintenanceAugust and September are two of Florida’s hottest months. With temperatures still peaking, now is a good time to expose the top three myths about your air conditioning system’s cooling abilities.

  • AC Myth 1: AC systems only cool the air. Not true! Air conditioners condition the air. This means they cool the air and remove excess humidity at the same time. Some even have a dehumidification function that’s great for those super humid Florida days, weeks and even months.
  • AC Myth 2: Lowering your thermostat’s temperature drastically cools the house faster. Not true! Air conditioners operate at a consistent rate to reach the temperature that you set. Bumping the thermostat down to an icy temperature won’t cool your house faster; it will just cool at the same rate and waste energy.
  • AC Myth 3: Turning your Air conditioning system off when you are not home saves energy. This is only true if you plan to leave it off for an extended period. Otherwise, your air conditioning system works by gradually cooling your home and shutting off when it reaches the set temperature. If you turn it off completely before leaving home the temperature will steadily climb while you’re away.  Then, when you do return and reset the thermostat, your system will work overtime and expend much more energy than necessary. In addition, your house will get more humid which is great for mold but not great for you and your family.

Another misconception about your air conditioning system is that it only need a professional’s attention when something goes wrong.

Custom Climate Concepts wants you to know that maintaining your ac system on a twice-yearly basis will keep it running longer and cooler and avoid costly air conditioning repairs. Call us today at 941-955-COOL (2665) to schedule.

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