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3 Unusual AC Repair Scenarios

Wire Mesh at Bottom Of Package Air ConditionerThere’s no telling what one of Custom Climate Concepts’ trained technicians might find when arriving on the scene of an air conditioning repair service call.  While the problems we face are usually commonplace, every once and a while we come across something really unusual. In the Sarasota Manatee County area we see many strange things related to your air conditioner. Here are a few examples.

Is that a Lizard in your AC Condenser?

One time a woman called in and said her fan just kept on running. The system would shut off but not the outside fan. Now, when an air conditioner’s outside unit is having trouble, the most common problem is dirt along the condenser coil, which is responsible for heat dispersal. That can lead to a number of cooling problems within the home. But that didn’t explain why the fan wouldn’t shut off. Turns out a lizard had gotten behind the system and into the electrical part of the unit. It got zapped, died and ended up completing the connection between the power and the fan. BTW, other critters we have found within AC units include insect infestations, rodents, and even a live snake. Black racer (snakes) are common and good for hunting rats but they can startle you when they come out from under your heat pump! To minimize problems with pests we recommend adding mesh around any gaps under your unit.

It’s a Sinking Feeling

Here’s another one. We got a call from a gentleman who thought there must have been an earthquake because his outdoor air conditioning unit was no longer level. Not only that, he was sure it had sunk at least 2 or 3 inches. Believe it or not, this really is something that can happen: and not because of a seismic event. It may be that the concrete pad the unit is on was never set right or – between the weight it is carrying and Florida’s soft sandy soil – it simply might have settled with time. This may be repairable or it may need to be replaced, but either way it takes a well trained AC technician to set it right.

A Humpty-Dumpty AC Story

There are many advantages to a ductless, mini-split air conditioner because it can provide efficient, quiet cooling (and heating) without having the hassle of installing ductwork. However, one unusual problem is when the unit that’s affixed to a wall or suspended from a ceiling, starts to peel away. This may have been caused by a faulty mount or by other environmental issues. But if you see it start to happen, call Custom Climate Concepts for an AC repair service call right away. If the unit falls all the way down, it may damage your property and the air handler too!

Feel free to contact the experts at Custom Climate Concepts for your air conditioning repair service needs. We can help with any unusual repairs and usual ones too! Call us today at 941-955-COOL (2665).



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