5 Common HVAC Scams

scam artist

Learn to Recognize a Scam Artist

If you get an email from someone in a foreign country claiming you won $5 million (and asking for your banking identification) you know it’s a scam.

It may not be that obvious when an HVAC company is running a number on you. Custom Climate Concepts wants you to know how to recognize scams so you don’t fall for them. Here are five scams that are frequently used.

  • A heightened sense of urgency or danger: Some companies try to scare the client into making big purchases. A technician may state your family is at risk unless you buy a new HVAC unit, or make another large purchase. For example, a technician might claim a risk of toxic mold, and suggest replacement.
  • Bait and switch: In Florida, a common HVAC bait and switch involves false information or advertising about duct cleaning. A promotional price for the service is the bait. The switch is that once in your home, the company will either try to up-sell you on unnecessary repairs or replacements or jack the price of the duct cleaning once they “see the problem.”
  • Using technician lingo: The technician may purposely use words that only HVAC experts understand. This may leave the costumer confused, making it easier for the technician to sell products that are unnecessary.
  • Telemarketing solicitations: Company may call you claiming they’ll charge you a low price because they’re in your neighborhood. Shortly after arriving to the home, the technician will claim you need to make expensive repairs.
  • Frequent low-priced tune-ups. If an HVAC service provider wants to schedule more than one, at the most, two tune-ups a year, then they are up to something. An A/C unit should get one annual tune-up, and one every six months is optimal. Plus, if the prices for tune-ups are something absurdly low (free to $15), there is most-likely a ‘bait and switch’ plan going on.

Don’t be taken in by any of these scam tactics. If you have any questions about another contractor’s claims or methods, just run it by us here at Custom Climate Concepts. We will always tell it like it is. Call us at 941-955-COOL (2665)