6 FAQ’s on Buying a New Air Conditioning System

Thinking about buying a new central air conditioning system but feel confused about the terminology or technology? Custom Climate Concepts has prepared six questions and answers to help you make an informed and intelligent choice.

  1. Should I repair or replace my existing system? As a rule of thumb, replace your existing home comfort system when repairs cost 30 percent of a new purchase, or when utility bills have increased 50 percent as a result of older, less efficient systems.
  2. How much can I save with new equipment? Air conditioning and heating equipment consume about 44 percent of a home’s energy bill. Today’s ENERGY STAR® qualified systems are as much as 60 percent more efficient than ten-year old equipment.
  3. What is the best thermostat to use with my system? Look for a programmable thermostat for accurate, reliable, energy-saving performance. Some digital thermostats can even be accessed through Amazon Alexa or Apple Watch®.
  4. How do I select the right heating/cooling system? Get solid advice from an expert, such as Custom Climate Concepts. We can perform a load calculation or an energy analysis to determine your operating costs and design a system just for you.
  5. What about installing a new HVAC in a home that only has window units? A crucial factor, when a building has never been fitted with central air conditioning, is ductwork. Whether made from metal or fiberglass, ductwork must be properly sized and zoned for optimal system performance.
  6. What can I do to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? Indoor air can be from five to 100 times more polluted than outside air. Adding humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems, UV lights and air filter technologies can dramatically improve your indoor air quality.

For even more information about being a new air conditioning system check out https://customclimateconcepts.com/air-conditioning/when-to-replace-your-ac/ and don’t hesitate to call us for any additional  questions you may have at (941) 955-COOL (2665).