Three (MORE) Air Conditioning Myths

 HVAC Technician performing maintenanceIt’s human nature to want to know the inside scoop. But when it comes to home air conditioning systems you can’t believe every piece of advice you hear. That’s why Custom Climate Concepts has compiled this second installment of some of our favorite Air Conditioning Myths, in hopes to spread the word about what really does work (and what doesn’t) when it comes to your HVAC system. Find our first installment of AC Myths here: AC Myths Part 1

Myth #1:  Air conditioner filters should be replaced when you think they are full of dust – even once a year is ok.

Reality: Actually, the EPA’s Energy Star program recommends that you change your air filters monthly, or at minimum, every 3 months. Households with pets and people with allergies should be especially careful to replace the filter on a regular basis. Dirty air filters can inhibit airflow and force your A/C to work harder. This wastes energy and may cause the premature death of your air conditioner.

Myth #2: It’s a waste of time and money to have your air conditioner serviced.

Reality: False. Regular cleaning can keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently. It also provides an opportunity for experienced service techs to catch problems early – before they become crises. Ignoring regular maintenance can mean an emergency call to the repair company while the heat continues to rise.

Myth #3: Using an air conditioner will give you a cold.

Reality: Completely untrue. Medical professionals agree: while becoming chilled may make you more vulnerable to illness, the common cold is caused by a virus, not the temperature. Go ahead, turn on the AC – but keep your home clean and wash your hands often to keep those cold viruses away.