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Air Conditioning Spending & Saving Statistics

Electric Meter CloseupEnergy Spending per Year

$2,000 – The average amount spend on energy per U.S. household.

$1,100  – The average amount spent on heating and cooling per U.S. household

Energy Lost Per Year

30% – Lower efficiency with improper HVAC appliance installation

20% – Lower efficiency with improper refrigerant levels

20% – Loss of air through poorly sealed vents

15%  – Lower efficiency with poor airflow due to poor maintenance

5%   – Lower efficiency per year without regular 2x per year HVAC maintenance]

Energy Savings per Year

15%  – Saving on cooling costs simply by using lighter color paint and colors on your roof and siding

10% –  The average amount that homeowners can save annually on home energy bills just by switching from a traditional to a programmable AC system thermostat

$200 – The average amount of savings by switching to ENERGY STAR HVAC equipment

$154-$528  – The minimum and maximum amounts that can be saved by switching to ENERGY STAR windows

The Bottom Line

Custom Climate Concepts’s goal is to educate our customers while providing great service, products and more. For more information on how to save money with your air conditioning system call us today at 941-955-COOL (2665).

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