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Air Handlers

Make Sure Your HVAC System Has The Right Air Handler Installed

At Custom Climate Concepts, we know how important a good home comfort system is to Sarasota, FL area homes. That’s why we focus on making sure you have the right equipment installed—so you get the best comfort possible.

Most of the time, when you’re planning an HVAC replacement, you’re only thinking about the outside condenser unit, but if you’re getting ready to have a new AC installed, you need to plan to install a new air handler unit as well.

What Is An Air Handler?

The air handler is the indoor unit of your home comfort system, also known as the compressor. It is vital to the heat transfer process that keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Within the air handler you can expect to find:

The air handler unit of your HVAC system is designed to work in tandem with your condenser unit to transfer heat from where it isn’t wanted to where it is wanted. For example, in summer it pulls excess heat from inside your house and deposits it outside, thus cooling your home to a comfortable temperature.

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Why You Need To Replace You Air Handler & Condenser Together

Because air handlers and condensers are designed to work together, you will always get your best comfort results from units that were made at the same time by the same company. This ensures they have the same efficiency ratings, warranty terms and expected lifespans.

Custom Climate Concepts is happy to help you choose the right new HVAC equipment for your home’s comfort needs. Give us a call at (941) 955-COOL to schedule a free comfort consultation today!