Air Conditioning Reliability from Consumer Reports

Trane Air Conditioning and heating products

The longevity and durability of your central air conditioning system depends upon many variables, according to the experts at the nonprofit magazine Consumer Reports (CR).  That’s why its most recent report is about the reliability and user satisfaction of central air conditioning systems rather than the consumer advocacy group’s usual hands-on testing results. Here are…

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AC Tips to Stay Cool!

Yellow Traffic Sign that says 'Stay Cool'

When hot weather hits hard and then harder it helps to turn down your air conditioning system’s thermostat. But here are some ideas you can try to help feel cooler and more comfortable: COOLING: Make the heat more bearable by changing your bed sheets to natural fibers. 100 percent cotton, or the new fabrics made from…

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Air Conditioning Checklist for Buying an Older Home

Man's hand shown checking off items on a list

From North to South, new housing construction is on the rise, with buildings that have brand new air conditioning systems and ductwork. But if you are considering an older home, you will have to assess the viability of its appliances – especially the HVAC system. You can check a few key parts of the system,…

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Temper Your Bad HVAC Habits

Hot And Cold Thermometer Cartoons

Protecting the health of your air conditioning system means keeping up with tasks like changing air filters and scheduling HVAC service. But, for the sake of your air conditioning system’s longevity, there are also things you shouldn’t do. If you are guilty of any of these HVAC bad habits you may want to change your…

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DIY Energy Saving Tips for Earth Day

Beautiful Red Sunset From Florida Beach

With Earth Day fast approaching (April 21) you may be wondering what you can do to have a more positive impact on the environment. Getting your air conditioning system to run more efficiently probably isn’t the first thing you think of, but it is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint. It may…

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The Future of Smart AC Systems

Glowing Internet Icons Around a House

You don’t need a crystal ball to see that Internet technology will be increasingly integrated into every system in our homes. We already can activate many daily tasks digitally and hands-free – from selecting music to placing calls. This phenomenon is called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and, while the term includes personal activities,…

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Guide to Choosing Air Cleaners in the Home

In Duct UV light (blue tube)

From allergies to heart health, indoor air contains pollutants can negatively affect you and your family’s wellbeing. Some of these pollutants come from outdoors, and others come from indoor sources and activities. To improve the indoor air quality of your home you can start by reducing the use of products that contain pollutants, such as…

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Air Conditioning Fun Facts

Happy Little Girl With Big Sunglasses Looking At The Sun

Maybe there isn’t anything inherently funny about AC Systems, but Custom Climate Concepts, your Sarasota air conditioning systems expert, likes to keep things light (and cool). Here are some interesting, and we think fun, facts about our industry. Air Conditioning At Work Hotter states like Florida, plus Texas and Nevada, can thank air conditioning for…

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6 FAQ’s on Buying a New Air Conditioning System

Thinking about buying a new central air conditioning system but feel confused about the terminology or technology? Custom Climate Concepts has prepared six questions and answers to help you make an informed and intelligent choice. Should I repair or replace my existing system? As a rule of thumb, replace your existing home comfort system when…

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5 Tips for Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Contractor

Air Conditioner Repairman giving thumbs up signal

Our Florida winter days are running hot and cold then hot again, so you may be operating your air conditioning system more than usual. If so, now may be the time to consider scheduling preventative maintenance with a licensed and experienced AC contractor, such as Custom Climate Concepts. The key to effective preventative maintenance –…

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HVAC Goes to The Movies!

Movie Theater filled with People

Air Conditioning Systems Make the Movie Industry Boom! The advent of the modern air conditioning system has significantly improved our quality of life at home and at work. But the power to cool things down, and even the way cool air flows through a building, has also greatly impacted movies – both the business of…

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6 Cost Factors of AC Repairs

Save Money with HVAC rebates

Just like your car, sometimes it’s clear when your air conditioning system is acting up. Other times it’s less obvious. Either way, when there is a problem, it’s certain you will end up paying for the repair or the replace. The cost to repair an Air Conditioning System can vary widely depending on the specific…

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Air Conditioning Spending & Saving Statistics

Electric Meter Closeup

Energy Spending per Year $2,000 – The average amount spend on energy per U.S. household. $1,100  – The average amount spent on heating and cooling per U.S. household Energy Lost Per Year 30% – Lower efficiency with improper HVAC appliance installation 20% – Lower efficiency with improper refrigerant levels 20% – Loss of air through poorly…

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4 Reasons to Replace Your AC Unit Before Summer

Trane Air Conditioning and heating products

replacing your Air Conditioning system.Even though our Florida winters haven’t been that cold recently, they don’t blister with the kind of heat we experience in summer either. Therefore it’s probably been a while since your air conditioning system had to work full blast. If you are trying to forget just how poorly it was running…

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Clean & Green AC for the New Year

Smart Thermostat Example

New Year’s resolutions are usually about improving one’s life: lose weight, exercise, have more fun, earn more money and so on. But what if this New Year we also resolve to be more environmentally careful? In other words, to be more clean & green. We can start by looking to reduce the carbon footprint of…

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Tips to Stay Warm and Save Money in Winter

Thermostat set at 69 degrees

Although it is rare to have extremely cold weather here in the Sunshine State, that’s no excuse for the fact that many heating systems used in Florida homes are inefficient and costly to operate. In fact, strip or electric resistance-based heating uses two to three times more energy than air conditioning, according to Florida Power…

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The Dirty Truth About AC Systems

Dusty Air Register

Most Air Conditioning System Problems are Caused by Dust and Dirt A little-known, but important fact, is that nine out of ten air conditioning system failures are caused by dirt and dust. A dirty system also makes problems for people and houses. Here are some additional facts you will want to know: It Doesn’t Take Much:…

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It’s Cool—The Future of Air Conditioning

Custom Climate Concepts HVAC Staff

Did you know that the first modern air conditioning unit was invented in 1902 and then it took 20 years, to the 1930s, for the technology to be able to cool places like movie theaters and hotels. It took another 20 years, to the 1950s, before residential air conditioning systems became commonplace. Air conditioning technology…

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Your Air Conditioning System In Times of (Wild) Fire

Wildfire In Everglades of Florida with Firefighter in foreground

Where There is Smoke, There is Poor Air Quality If you’ve glanced at the news the last couple of weeks, then you know about the terrible destruction caused by wildfires in Northern California. While it’s not the headline news, the Center for Disease Control ( has stressed that breathing smoky air from those fires is also…

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HVAC Maintenance Contracts Make Great Holiday Gifts

Give a Gift of an AC Service contract

Looking for that perfect ‘out of the box’ holiday gift? Consider an air conditioning maintenance agreement with a trusted, local HVAC pro. While it may seem like an odd choice at first it is actually a great gift for family members, like older folks or parents of young children, who might neglect to schedule preventive…

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