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Air Conditioning Checklist for Buying an Older Home

Air Conditioning ChecklistFrom North to South, new housing construction is on the rise, with buildings that have brand new air conditioning systems and ductwork. But if you are considering an older home, you will have to assess the viability of its appliances – especially the HVAC system.

You can check a few key parts of the system, both indoors and outdoors, before any formal inspection by a certified professional, like those at Custom Climate Concepts, is required. What you find will allow you to offer key information to your AC technician, who can then offer suggestions on the extent of necessary repairs or whether a new system is required.

Indoor AC Unit Check

Many parts of an indoor HVAC unit can be complex so take care not to remove any hardware, like screws or metal plates, on your own. But you can check for the following:

  • Unusual sounds or odors – yes use your nose
  • Presence and condition of the air filters
  • Cleanliness of evaporator coils, drain pans, and any other drain lines
  • Cleanliness of blower assembly and blower housing
  • Presence of potential gas leaks in the furnaces
  • Condition of the fan belt
  • Properly maintained ventilation
  • Signs of any corrosion

Outdoor Ac Unit Check

The outdoor HVAC unit is just as tricky to maintain as an indoor unit, though preventive maintenance and other checks can help ensure that you’re getting a good system for your home. Start with the following tasks:

  • Clean away debris from the unit
  • Make sure the condensate drain is working – there should be signs of moisture below drain lines
  • Inspect all drain openings and remove any impediments
  • Inspect the unit’s fan blades and motor (if visible) for any issues, in particular branches that could be affecting the fan
  • Check the cabinet and any coils for signs of distress

Ask Custom Climate Concepts to inspect and service your Air Conditioning system, call (941) 955-COOL (2665) today.

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