Heating and Cooling

What’s the Difference between AC and HVAC?

Heating and Cooling HVAC Illustration

You may say tomato and I may say to-MAH-to but we’re talking about the same fruit. When we compare apples to oranges we’re saying that those two fruits are different. So where does AC vs. HVAC fall in these two examples: same or different? The answer is neither, exactly. Let’s explain. HVAC is an acronym…

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Questions to Ask When Evaluating a New Air Conditioning System

Multi Zone Air Conditioners Outside Units

The good news about replacing your old air conditioning system with a modern, high-efficiency model is it will reduce energy usage; saving you money on utility bills. The reliability of a new HVAC system is also a big plus. To keep you from experiencing any bad news, the following questions are offered to ensure you…

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Getting the Most From Your HVAC Warranty

Warranty Stamp

These days it’s easy to just check a box, instantly agreeing, with little forethought, to an online contract. But if you want to get the most from your HVAC warranty, then take the time to really understand it. Here are some of the most important factors to consider: Extended Warranties New HVAC equipment typically comes…

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SEER Ratings Matter!

SEER Rating Minimum Standards from DOE

How is a fortuneteller on a mountaintop like an air conditioner? Both are called “high SEER” Jokes aside, you may have heard about or seen the term ‘SEER rating’ and wondered if it was important. The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ So much so that, in 2011, new SEER rating standards set by the U.S. Department of…

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What Does That Mean?

AC meme

A glossary of AC terms you should know The professionals at Custom Climate Concepts understand that the HVAC world is filled with industry terms and acronyms that aren’t readily known. But it wasn’t until we saw this meme in a social media post that we realized a HVAC glossary could be an asset for our…

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Save on Summer Cooling with Proper Window Treatments

Awnings are an effective way to keep cool

Gulf breezes may keep Sarasota and Manatee counties a little cooler than inland in Florida, but it is still going to be a long, hot summer. One of the best defenses against the hot summer sun is energy-efficient window treatments and coverings. And with the variety available nowadays, you won’t have to compromise on interior…

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HVAC Home Energy Checklist

Air Conditioning Checklist

Today, next week and all year round, there are proactive measures you can take to save money and conserve energy in your home by paying attention to your AC system and its environment. TODAY -Install a programmable thermostat for your HVAC system and adjust temperatures according to your schedule. By programming your thermostat to raise…

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A Smarter Thermostat for your AC System

Smart Thermostat Example

Doesn’t it feel like our high-tech gadgets are getting smarter all the time? Not only that, these phones, watches and hybrid tablet/computers are becoming more ‘all-in-one’ by the minute. Take a picture, get a text, deposit a check, order breakfast, check the stock market and, of course, make a phone call – even from your…

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It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity

Humidity and Mold

Did you know that it wasn’t intense heat that spurred the development of the air conditioner – it was humidity? So when we say, ‘it’s the humidity that’s getting to me,’ simply making the air colder may not cut it. We need to find ways to reduce moisture inside our home, because it is not…

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5 Guidelines for Buying a New HVAC System

heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment

It’s said that two of life’s major stressors are buying a home and a car. Well, getting a new HVAC system when you live in Florida is also a pretty big deal. Along with the myriad of choices available in the market today come many questions – what brand, what size, what vendor and… how…

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Critters Can Cause Havoc to HVAC Systems

mouse in the house

“Snakes on a Plane” may be a movie thriller, but lizards in your air conditioning system can be a horror show. Living in Southwest Florida means homeowners contend with a lot of critters: we have 16 kinds of lizards alone, plus snakes, spiders and more. What happens when these creatures crawl into the HVAC system?…

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Your HVAC System and Pets

Luna the dog lives in an air conditioned house but loves the sun

3 Steps to protect your pets and your HVAC system You’ve heard of the ‘hair of the dog?’ Well, in the case of your indoor air quality and the smooth running of your HVAC system, that phase takes on new meaning. According to census numbers from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation at least half of…

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Don’t Do HVAC Repair Yourself!

Do it Yourself leads to mistakes and Injuries

There is a reason why a jokey tag line in the AC world is “we repair what your husband fixed.” When it comes to the service, maintenance and repair of your HVAC system there are a few things you can do yourself, like changing air filters regularly. But along with the trend of DIY (Do-It-Yourself)…

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Going Green with Your AC System | SEER Ratings

While there is still debate about larger issues, like global warming, there is no question that supporting the trend of ‘going green’ is a good idea when it comes to HVAC systems. Why? Because the newer, more energy efficient systems not only help to conserve our vital resources – they also result in savings on…

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HVAC Duct Cleaning: Service or Scam?

man opening air conditioning filter in ceiling

True or False? A buildup of debris in ductwork and/or a dirty HVAC system can cause your energy bills to go up. True. Your air ducts are one of the largest systems in your home. If they are excessively dirty, or if the ducts are poorly sealed or insulated they are likely contributing to higher…

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Common AC Myths that Just Don’t Work

Air Conditioning Myths

We always feel better when make the most of our home investments and take action that might benefit us. That is human nature. But there is some mistaken information out there about how best to keep your home cool and maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Here are a few that Custom Climate…

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Prevent Heating Problems Before It is Too Late

New Comfortmaker Air Conditioning Compressor

5 Signs You May Need a New Heat Pump During Florida’s long hot summer the emphasis is on cooling, but it’s also necessary to heat our homes when temperatures drop. An ideal solution for this is a heat pump system which provide both air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Just like the…

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