Heating and Cooling

6 Signs You Could Need AC Repair Soon

Vacuum Pump Evacuates Air From The Air Conditioner

Are you wondering whether your air conditioning system is working properly, doing the best job it can to cool your home, or maybe even on its last gasp? These six signs can help you diagnose whether your Air Conditioner is in need of attention from a trained professional, like the certified technicians here at Custom…

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3 Air Conditioning Myths

HVAC Technician performing air conditoning maintenance

August and September are two of Florida’s hottest months. With temperatures still peaking, now is a good time to expose the top three myths about your air conditioning system’s cooling abilities. AC Myth 1: AC systems only cool the air. Not true! Air conditioners condition the air. This means they cool the air and remove excess…

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5 Simple Tips For Cooler & Cleaner Air

In Duct UV light (blue tube)

Sometimes little things really do make a difference. If a small change will help your home stay cooler, or make your indoor air healthier, then it’s worth it. Here are 5 things you can easily do to get those results. Lighten Shades:  Dark colored shades or blinds absorb heat from the sun, making your house…

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Keep Air Safe for Baby | AC Tips Part II

In Duct UV light (blue tube)

So, you have made sure your electrical, water and air conditioning systems are as safe as possible for your new baby by following the advice in our post: Prep Your Home for a New Baby | AC Tips Part I . Your next assignment is to keep your home baby-level comfortable so your little one can…

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5 Tips to Cool Summer Utility Bills

young business woman uses money as a fan

Summer in Sarasota and Manatee means running the AC 24/7 for most of us, but it’s not the air conditioning system alone that pumps up utility bills. Fortunately there are a number of ways to curb expenses and still stay cool all summer long. Cover up: A simple and decorative way to help cool your…

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6 Factors for Deciding on a New Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Repairman giving thumbs up signal

From the Experts at Consumer Reports Installing or replacing a central air conditioning system can be a huge expense, so you’ll want to get it right. To help, the nonprofit, consumer-advocate organization Consumer Reports released a new, Central Air Conditioning Buying Guide. The report cites six primary factors to consider. Size: A synonym for the air…

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AC Tips to Stay Cool!

Yellow Traffic Sign that says 'Stay Cool'

When hot weather hits hard and then harder it helps to turn down your air conditioning system’s thermostat. But here are some ideas you can try to help feel cooler and more comfortable: COOLING: Make the heat more bearable by changing your bed sheets to natural fibers. 100 percent cotton, or the new fabrics made from…

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Air Conditioning Fun Facts

Happy Little Girl With Big Sunglasses Looking At The Sun

Maybe there isn’t anything inherently funny about AC Systems, but Custom Climate Concepts, your Sarasota air conditioning systems expert, likes to keep things light (and cool). Here are some interesting, and we think fun, facts about our industry. Air Conditioning At Work Hotter states like Florida, plus Texas and Nevada, can thank air conditioning for…

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5 Tips for Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Contractor

Air Conditioner Repairman giving thumbs up signal

Our Florida winter days are running hot and cold then hot again, so you may be operating your air conditioning system more than usual. If so, now may be the time to consider scheduling preventative maintenance with a licensed and experienced AC contractor, such as Custom Climate Concepts. The key to effective preventative maintenance –…

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HVAC Goes to The Movies!

Movie Theater filled with People

Air Conditioning Systems Make the Movie Industry Boom! The advent of the modern air conditioning system has significantly improved our quality of life at home and at work. But the power to cool things down, and even the way cool air flows through a building, has also greatly impacted movies – both the business of…

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6 Cost Factors of AC Repairs

Save Money with HVAC rebates

Just like your car, sometimes it’s clear when your air conditioning system is acting up. Other times it’s less obvious. Either way, when there is a problem, it’s certain you will end up paying for the repair or the replace. The cost to repair an Air Conditioning System can vary widely depending on the specific…

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4 Reasons to Replace Your AC Unit Before Summer

Trane Air Conditioning and heating products

replacing your Air Conditioning system.Even though our Florida winters haven’t been that cold recently, they don’t blister with the kind of heat we experience in summer either. Therefore it’s probably been a while since your air conditioning system had to work full blast. If you are trying to forget just how poorly it was running…

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Tips to Stay Warm and Save Money in Winter

Thermostat set at 69 degrees

Although it is rare to have extremely cold weather here in the Sunshine State, that’s no excuse for the fact that many heating systems used in Florida homes are inefficient and costly to operate. In fact, strip or electric resistance-based heating uses two to three times more energy than air conditioning, according to Florida Power…

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It’s Cool—The Future of Air Conditioning

Custom Climate Concepts HVAC Staff

Did you know that the first modern air conditioning unit was invented in 1902 and then it took 20 years, to the 1930s, for the technology to be able to cool places like movie theaters and hotels. It took another 20 years, to the 1950s, before residential air conditioning systems became commonplace. Air conditioning technology…

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New Energy Guidelines for Heating & Cooling Systems

Luxury Waterfront Home

What Do New Energy Compliance Standards Mean for You? New energy compliance guidelines for the heating and cooling industry – described as “the largest energy-saving standards” in history – start to transition into effect this year. Enacted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) these new guidelines, while set to be implemented over the next…

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How to Stay Cool When Your AC is Down

Little Boy In Black Hat And Sunglasses Cooling In Front Of Fan

Just thinking about what life was like in Florida before air conditioning can make you feel hot. But if your AC system really does stop working – whether you have to wait two hours or two days to get it fixed – it’s going to be like those olden days. Here are Custom Climate Concept’s…

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Should Your Home Get Zoned Out?

Mini Split Air Conditioning

Do you have a room in your house that runs too hot or too cold? Or, is one family member always freezing when another is burning up? AC Zoning systems allow you to accommodate these different comfort needs, while also helping you save energy. What is AC Zoning? A zoning system is a supplemental system…

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Staying Cool = Better Sleep!

Elderly woman sleeping in bed

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to get a good night’s sleep. Recent science confirms that no matter the season outside, the optimal temperature for sleeping inside is cooler than you may think. In fact, it falls between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. A reliable and well-serviced HVAC…

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Your HVAC and Your Pets: Part 1

Cartoon of Dog Suffering from Heat

Keeping your Home Comfy & Safe for Pets by Managing Your HVAC System Did you know there are nearly 90 million pet dogs in the U.S. and more than 94 million pet cats? In total, 68% of all U.S. households have at least one pet, according to a recent survey by the American Pet Products…

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Tricks of the ‘Too Good to Be True’ Air Conditioning Deal

scam artist

Such a Deal! Watch out for Air Conditioning Services with Steep Discounts It could come via a ‘Valpak’ coupon mailing or a flyer in your mailbox. You could get a robocall saying, “We just happen to be in your area…” or see an ad in a local newspaper. If the ‘special’ offered – whether for…

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