Smart Thermostat

6 Factors for Deciding on a New Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Repairman giving thumbs up signal

From the Experts at Consumer Reports Installing or replacing a central air conditioning system can be a huge expense, so you’ll want to get it right. To help, the nonprofit, consumer-advocate organization Consumer Reports released a new, Central Air Conditioning Buying Guide. The report cites six primary factors to consider. Size: A synonym for the air…

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The Goldilocks Factor | Tips to get Temperatures JUST RIGHT

Programmable thermostat for temperature control in entranceway

Tips to Get Temperatures JUST RIGHT Is there someone in your household who is always ‘too hot’ and another who is ‘too cold’? Is it possible to get your climate control ‘just right’? Custom Climate Concepts has some ideas to help you consider the question with regard to temperature, trends, comfort and costs: Get Smart:…

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What Does That Mean?

AC meme

A glossary of AC terms you should know The professionals at Custom Climate Concepts understand that the HVAC world is filled with industry terms and acronyms that aren’t readily known. But it wasn’t until we saw this meme in a social media post that we realized a HVAC glossary could be an asset for our…

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A Smarter Thermostat for your AC System

Smart Thermostat Example

Doesn’t it feel like our high-tech gadgets are getting smarter all the time? Not only that, these phones, watches and hybrid tablet/computers are becoming more ‘all-in-one’ by the minute. Take a picture, get a text, deposit a check, order breakfast, check the stock market and, of course, make a phone call – even from your…

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