Cold Calling for HVAC Customers

Should you agree to the ‘bargain’ at the other end of a marketing call for HVAC service?

Call Center Operators Working In Office

Here is how it goes:

Your cell phone rings and the number is in your area code, so you pick up.

Caller: Hello. Is this (Your Name)?

You: Who’s calling?

Caller: I’m calling to ask if your AC is still working ok. (you hear a lot of background noise, other telemarketers on the phone)

You: Who is this?!

Caller: I’m Steve from AC Company, (someone) referred me. We are running a special…

You: My AC is running fine.

Caller: It’s not going to work forever, how about taking us up on our two-for-one maintenance offer?

or Well, what do you mean?

Whether a company’s marketing cold caller scares you into an agreement, or even if a deal seems good and on the up and up, Custom Climate Concepts suggests the following tips on how to DO YOUR RESEARCH before agreeing to anything.

  • Make sure the company is licensed and insured and its technicians are properly certified by asking for proof. If the caller hangs up, you have your answer.
  • ‘Google’ the company and also ask for references.
  • Ask the caller if the technicians are really employees or if they are subcontractors.
  • Check out the Better Business Bureau at to look at Business Reviews, which indicate the company’s rating, and whether or not there are complaints against the business. Lots of complaints? You have your answer.
  • Do you find that the contractor has a robust website, like the one at Or, when you search, are there only vague listings on websites that conglomerate companies by business type or in a specific region? If the website seems well prepared, you may be ok. If there is no website, beware.

You might be tempted to take a bargain like two-for-one or super cheap maintenance. But you should consider the following about Custom Climate Concepts.

  • Custom Climate Concepts is fully accredited, and so are our technicians. Our contractor license and other proof is on every page of our website!
  • We have 3 generations of our family working on HVAC systems and decades of experience.
  • If we installed your system, then no one knows it better and that goes for maintenance too.
  • Custom Climate Systems backs up its work by offering outstanding warranties.
  • We also offer excellent HVAC maintenance programs  that will keep your AC it running smoothly all year so you have fewer surprises and save money.
  • We have many positive customer reviews already posted on our website.