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5 Simple Tips For Cooler & Cleaner Air

In Duct UV light (blue tube)Sometimes little things really do make a difference. If a small change will help your home stay cooler, or make your indoor air healthier, then it’s worth it. Here are 5 things you can easily do to get those results.

  1. Lighten Shades:  Dark colored shades or blinds absorb heat from the sun, making your house warmer. Consider light colored window treatments to keep your home a little cooler.
  2. Close Shutters: Shutters outside the house prevent the solar radiation from getting to the windows where they can heat up a house faster. If you have newer, double pane windows they are very effective so shutters make less of a difference.
  3. Freshen Air:  It is possible to have your home too sealed off from the outdoors. Windows not only let fresh air in, but also allow indoor pollutants to escape.
  4. Combat Mold: Indoor plants are great for air quality, but too much watering promotes mold growth. Make sure you aren’t over watering, to keep you and the plants healthy. For even cleaner air consider asking Custom Climate Concepts to install a UV light to your air handler.
  5. Filter Better: Consider using pleated fiber filters instead of spun fiberglass filters. They cost more, but provide 4-8 times the filtering capacity, leading to better home quality.
  6. Switch Fans:  Reversing the direction of ceiling fans each season will result in cooler air. During the summer it should rotate counter-clockwise and in winter clockwise. A switch at the base of the fan allows you to change the blade direction.

Custom Climate Concepts wants your home and your Sarasota Air Conditioning System to be in optimum condition. Call us today at (941) 955-COOL (2665) to find out more about having cooler and cleaner air.

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