Critters Can Cause Havoc to HVAC Systems

mouse in the house“Snakes on a Plane” may be a movie thriller, but lizards in your air conditioning system can be a horror show.

Living in Southwest Florida means homeowners contend with a lot of critters: we have 16 kinds of lizards alone, plus snakes, spiders and more. What happens when these creatures crawl into the HVAC system? The pests can damage the HVAC components in which they are nesting or using to move about the home, causing the need for expensive repairs or system replacement.

Here is one example. A service call came in from a woman who said her fan kept running, even though she had turned the system off. Would she have to rewire the whole thing, even replace it, she wondered? After thoroughly checking the system we found the problem. A lizard had gotten behind the main system and into the electrical strip. It got zapped, died and petrified – the body was completing the connection between the power and the fan, so that it ran perpetually.

Deep inside the HVAC system in your house, in the outside compressor unit or breaker box, and into the air ducts are other places where lizards and other small creatures can end up. If something has crawled in your air ducts you will probably discover the problem first by the smell.

Ants can also cause problems. Although they are not venomous, small sugar ants can gather on the copper plate, preventing the circuit from being made. New systems have been known to stop working because of these tiny creatures.

While it is ok to take a cursory look to see if you can find the problem, this is a time to call for help. First, while some potential pests like frogs, toads, lizards and beetles, are relatively benign, others, like snakes and spiders, can be deadly. Also, the damage may go deeper than just removing the offending creature.

While it can be alarming, the best news about creatures stopping your air conditioner is that the HVAC professionals at Custom Care Concepts have experience with just these situations and can assess and provide necessary repairs. Call Custom Care Concepts for a complete inspection: before you have a problem.

The best thing you can do is pay attention to any abnormalities – if something sounds, or smells strange, investigate or call us to come take a look. We are always ready to serve you.