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The Dirty Truth About AC Systems

Dusty Air RegisterMost Air Conditioning System Problems are Caused by Dust and Dirt

A little-known, but important fact, is that nine out of ten air conditioning system failures are caused by dirt and dust. A dirty system also makes problems for people and houses. Here are some additional facts you will want to know:

  • It Doesn’t Take Much: A build up of .042 inches of dirt on a heating and cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21 percent, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (
  • Makes You Sick: 50 percent of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted air, says the American College of Allergists (
  • Exacerbates Allergies: One out of every six people who suffer from allergies does so because of a direct relationship to the fungi and bacteria in an AC duct system.
  • Costs Money: An air conditioner that has dust and dirt contaminating its parts will not work as efficiently. It may still reach its target temperature, but it will strain harder to do so. This can cause a jump in your electrical bills.
  • Blows Circuits:  When dirt and dust collects on your condenser coil it is prevented from either releasing or absorbing heat. Your AC unit has to work much harder and can’t cool its components, or the refrigerant, effectively.  The system will draw more electricity, which can easily result in tripping your home’s circuit breakers.
  • Blows Completely: The component of your AC system that does the main work of keeping out dust and dirt is the air filter. If it becomes excessively clogged, pollutants can get inside the AC and threaten to damage everything else, including the compressor, fans, and motors.
  • Stops Your Unit from Running: The buildup of gunk in the drain line of an air conditioner is a frequent cause of air conditioner shut down.

One more important fact you should know is that clean air conditioning systems can restore capacity and lessen running time. Translation: Savings on monthly heating and cooling bills.

So, when you’re looking to prevent trouble from a dirty and dust-clogged AC, contact your Sarasota air conditioning system experts and set up an air conditioning maintenance plan, Custom Climate Concepts at (941) 555-COOL (2665).




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