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Electronic Air Cleaners

Enjoy the Benefits of an Electronic Air Cleaner

If you’re concerned about your home’s indoor air quality, you may want to consider having an electronic air cleaner installed by Custom Climate Concepts. Electronic air cleaners use charged filters to eliminate allergens and other airborne particles from your home’s air. While larger particles are trapped by an uncharged prefilter, smaller contaminants are pulled into a chamber and given an electric charge. They are then collected by plates of an opposite charge, which you can remove and empty.

Electronic Air Cleaners offer numerous benefits:

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How To Clean Your Electronic Air Filter

While you don’t have to clean your reusable filter every day, you must do so regularly. Otherwise, it could lead to major problems down the road. 

First, make sure your electronic air cleaner is turned off, along with your heating and cooling systems. Next, wait about 30 seconds before detaching the access door. Pull out each cell before the prefilters, and shut the access door while you wash your filter. Now you’re ready to get cleaning!

If you have any questions regarding electronic air cleaners, and whether one may be right for you, give Custom Climate Concepts a call at (941) 955-2665 today!