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Your Fall AC Maintenance Checklist

Dusty Air RegisterJust like spring cleaning helps brush the cobwebs of winter away, fall is the perfect time to inspect your air conditioning system. Custom Climate Concepts has prepared a do-it-yourself checklist to help your system stay up to date and functioning properly. 

7 Inspection Points for Your AC System

  1. Air Filter: Routinely replace or clean your air filter. This can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by five to 15 percent.
  2. Vents: Look at the Vents most likely in the ceiling.  Remove any accumulated dust or debris which can come loose and get into the air you breathe.
  3. Ceiling Fan Blades: If you haven’t cleaned your fan blades they are likely covered in dust. Dust them off to keep your air clean.
  4. Ductwork: If your house feels humid, or you notice a and unexpected change in your electric bill. It could be your ductwork. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to hire an HVAC professional to seal and insulate your ductwork to prevent leaks and ensure your home remains comfortable.
  5. Clean Debris: If you have a split system, be sure to clean all rubbish and leaves from the outdoor unit.
  6. Fan Motor and Blades: Inspect the motor and blades for any wear or extensive damage. If you do find damage, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call in a professional air conditioning service and repair company.
  7. Thermostat: Make sure you leave the fan setting to “Auto.” This way the air conditioning system works are peak efficiency.
  8. Doors & Windows: Fall is a great time to make sure everything is well sealed. Especially weather stripping around doors.
  9. Schedule Professional Maintenance: Be sure to make an appointment with Custom Climate Concepts for annual air conditioning service. Regular maintenance will help to prolong the life and effectiveness of your system.

With proper planning and care your air conditioning system should last for years to come. You can reach Custom Climate Concepts at 941-955-COOL (2665).

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