Funny, Punny Air Conditioning Jokes!

From ‘In-Laws’ to Stupid (but Funny) Mistakes

Maybe you think there is nothing funny about your HVAC system – especially when it’s giving you problems. But there are some pretty humorous jokes and Memes going round in the air conditioning world. Here are a few. Which is YOUR favorite?

  • Why are computers like air conditioners?  They quit working properly when you open Windows
  • Why did the AC guy cross the road? He opened the outdoor compressor unit and found a wasp’s nest (or spider, or snake) in it.
  • Why is a drunken fortune teller like an air conditioner? Both are called “high SEER”.
  • Why did the AC tech run toward the AC?
    He was charging it.
  • Why did the AC compressor sweat?
    Because it had to run all day.
  • Why was the bird arrested when he hopped out of the flue pipe?
    He was draft dodging.

Technician: How long has the AC not been working?
Customer: 2 weeks

Technician: Why did you wait 2 weeks to have it fixed?
Customer: My in-laws were here. They were planning to stay for a month.