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Get Rid of Musty Odors in Your Home

Girl holding her nose making a faceIs there a lingering musty smell in your house that, no matter how often and deeply you clean, you just can’t get rid of? Are you simply resigned to living with the smell? Don’t be! Bad smells are not just unpleasant; they can cause headaches and other physical symptoms. Plus, it’s embarrassing to realize that you are probably way more used to the smell than any visitors who walk through your door.

If you have tried everything you can think of, including air fresheners, mildew odor eliminator products and even air purifiers, then chances are the offensive odor is related to your air conditioning system. Here’s how:

  • Layers of built-up dust and grime in HVAC ducts can cause a musty smell that spreads through your space along with heated and cooled air.
  • Excess moisture causes mold and mildew that bring nasty smells.
  • Poor HVAC design can create airflow conditions that spread odors from one area to another.

Professional AC Inspection

The solution is simple, schedule a professional, Sarasota-based AC company – like Custom Climate Concepts – to inspect your equipment and ductwork. The inspection will involve looking for the following:

  • Clogged air filters.
  • Dirty or pest-infested ducts.
  • Clogged drains or other issues that lead to excess moisture.
  • Inadequate ventilation, or AC design flaws, that may be spreading odors around your home

Solutions For Musty Odors

  • Properly sized Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Dehumidification
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans & Kitchen Hoods
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Air Purification
  • If you have a Studor Vent under your kitchen sink you can use Damp Rid or a similar product to prevent moisture from accumulating.

If you haven’t had your AC equipment serviced in a while, it’s likely that a relatively inexpensive maintenance visit (and/or duct cleaning) is what you need to get rid of that nasty, musty smell.

In addition, regular AC service will keep musty smells from reappearing. It will also help to prevent equipment breakdowns, provide energy savings, and more. The best way to do this is through an ongoing service contract with a reliable Sarasota AC expert like Custom Climate Concepts. Call today at  941-955-COOL (2665).







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