HVAC Disaster Prep Guide

Protect Your Home and AC System From Dangerous Storms

Severe storm season is a dangerous and frightening time: as we have just experienced. Keeping our family and ourselves safe is the highest priority. Also important is protecting our home, and air conditioning system, from unnecessary wind damage, electrical outages and flooding problems caused by tropical and hurricane force storms. For all of the above, Custom Climate Concepts offers these guidelines:


High winds are hard to predict, and it’s even harder to pre-determine how wind will affect your home. When a storm is forecast you can help to mitigate damage by:

  • Removing or trimming any heavy tree limbs hanging over your outside AC condenser before the storm.
  • Clearing your HVAC system and its electrical hookups from obvious impact. In the event that wind damages your outdoor electrical ports, it might increase the risk of catastrophic power failures and fires.


A flood could ruin your HVAC system and other equipment, and sewer backups present another costly and unpleasant possibility. Protect your equipment from flood damage by the following:

Prone to flooding? Consider raising your HVAC to a higher level or building a protective floodwall.

  • Move HVAC equipment to an upper floor or even to the attic, if your house has those features. Or, build a concrete or masonry block floodwall around your equipment.
  • If you decide to raise your HVAC equipment consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit at the same time. Upgrading can save you money on your heating and cooling bills and may make you eligible for a rebate from your utility company. https://customclimateconcepts.com/air-conditioning/installation/
  • More preparedness measures include raising the main electric switch box, electric outlets, switches, light sockets, and/or wiring; elevating the washer and dryer, and anchoring fuel tanks.


As noted, flooding and water damage can create significant danger for your home’s electrical system. Things to do when a storm hits include:

  • Turn off your AC at the thermostat if water is coming up the driveway and into the yard. It may not be that comfortable as heat and humidity rises, but it can help preserve your  electrical system and the HVAC outside condensing unit.
  • If your home is starting to flood take the next step and turn the power off at the breaker box to prevent electrical shorts and to keep you and your family safe.

Custom Climate Concepts Can Help

Even with these guidelines, Mother Nature can take a toll on your home and your AC system. Here are some scenarios where Custom Climate Concepts can help:

  • If your air conditioning condensing unit had been submerged please call us at 941-955-COOl (2665) immediately. This is for your safety.
  • Consider having your system thoroughly cleaned of any mud, dirt, leaves, and debris.
  • If your HVAC system ‘acts funny’ post-storm it’s possible that there has been damage to various electrical parts from power surges, system flooding or even lightning strikes. We can inspect your system and offer solutions.

If your system is not working right after a storm or hurricane – no matter how big or small a problem – give us a call and we will promptly come to your aid. Find us at 941-955-COOl (2665) or online at https://customclimateconcepts.com.