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New Air Conditioning Systems Checklist

Let’s say, after careful screening, you have decided on the best Air Conditioning company for replacing your old air conditioning system. (See our other Blog Post) Questions for Evaluating a New AC System.

Now the Air Conditioning Installation Phase

In many cases, installing a new AC system is a complex process that can involve electrical, plumbing and ductwork components to coordinate, plus calibration and testing. You can manage your own expectations, and ascertain whether the job is on task, with an installation checklist.

The following are two checklists developed by Custom Climate Concepts. One is for your installation and one for after installation. Please note that these checklists cover the important basics. There are many other technical details involved in your new HVAC installation. That’s why trusting your AC company is essential. If you have any questions call us at 941-955-COOL (2665).

Questions to Ask your AC Installer

  1. Timeline: How long will the process will take and what is expected to be finished each day, or even morning and afternoon.
  2. Who will do the work? Installing an AC system is a job for a licensed, certified professional. Ask the technician working on your home to see his or her credentials.

Air Conditioning Installation CHECKLISTS

New Air Conditioning Systems Pre-Installation Checklist

New Air Conditioning Systems Post-Installation Checklist



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