Optimum Health for Your AC System

vacuum pump evacuates air from the air conditionerTune-ups Enhance Your Air Conditioning System’s Health

Just as we need to boost our fitness by paying attention to nutrition, exercise, rest and other wellness factors, our air conditioning system also needs to be properly maintained to gain optimal performance.

Regularly timed tune-ups can go a long way to ensuring the health of your Air Conditioning system. Here are just some of the major benefits of a Air Conditioning tune-up.

Conserve Energy and Lower Your Utility Bill

Over time, a system that isn’t maintained will lose efficiency and thus require more energy to keep your home comfortable. Proper tune-ups will not only improve your system’s energy efficiency – that efficiency will likely result in a reduced energy bill every month.

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioning System

During a tune-up, your Custom Climate Concepts technician is likely to catch small problems – such as dirt, rust or broken parts – before they become life threatening to your Air Conditioning System. If this preventative work isn’t done, those parts can wear down and cause undue strain on the rest of the unit. An Air Conditioning tune-up and cleaning can help prevent or resolve these issues, helping you avoid more costly repairs or having to replace your unit before its originally estimated lifespan.

Lower Breakdown Risk

Without proper tune-ups, your system will be more likely to develop frozen lines, leaks or damaged wires, which can lead to expensive repairs later on. Or worse, the unit could have a catastrophic failure, especially if it is overtaxed during the relentless Florida summer heat. Conducting regular inspections and servicing can prevent the discomfort of a breakdown during sweltering weather.

Custom Climate Concepts wants you to get the most out of your Air Conditioning investment. That is why we offer a preventative maintenance service plan that gives special benefits to customers. Learn more about it here.  Or give us a call at (941) 955-COOL (2665) to discuss.