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Prep Your Home for a New Baby | AC Tips Part I

Mold on Walls and CeilingAlong with the anticipation of a new baby comes the preparation needed to assure your little one has the safest environment possible. You may not have put your air conditioning and related systems on your baby-prepping list so Custom Climate Concepts has done it for you. Take a look:

  • Water Leaks: Inspect your home for signs of water leakage before baby arrives. This can show up as a visible puddle but it may be a clue, like an increase in your water bill or discoloration on walls, floors or ceilings. Not only is water damage costly, but moisture can make mold. Studies show that mold is not healthy for anyone but babies growing up in damp homes, where mold and mildew are present, have a greater chance of developing respiratory illnesses such as croup, pneumonia, and bronchitis.
  • Unusual Smells: Most people can detect problems with their nose. Are there areas of your house that smell damp or musty? If so, it is worth finding out why. Check the attic for leaks in the roof. Check under sinks for signs of leaks from plumbing or even plumbing vent stacks. Ask a home inspector to bring a infrared camera to look for signs of dampness or mold.
  • Electrical Inspection: If your electrical system and wiring are outdated there is an increased chance of an electrical fire. This is especially risky in homes that are more than 20 years old. Electrical system overload is another concern. If you have made upgrades to your home in preparation for the baby, like adding on a new room, purchasing much larger appliances or new lighting, your electrical system might not be prepared to handle its new energy demands. Avoid a fire or overload by having a professional upgrade your electrical system.
  • Vacuum Cleaning A Flexible Aluminum Dryer Vent Hose, To Remove Lint And Prevent Fire Hazard.Duct Cleaning: Your home’s air ducts may be collecting dust, allergen particles, vermin and mold, which can be dangerous – especially for babies. Exposure to dusty, particle-filled air can irritate an infant’s little lungs. If your air ducts haven’t been cleaned for more than five years, it’s a good idea to have an AC system professional inspect them to determine what needs to be done to make baby safe and comfortable.

With more than 20 years experience, Custom Climate Concepts’ duct cleaning service is second to none. Call today for an inspection, or to schedule AC maintenance at (941) 955-COOL (2665).

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