Tips to Stay Warm and Save Money in Winter

Thermostat set at 69 degreesAlthough it is rare to have extremely cold weather here in the Sunshine State, that’s no excuse for the fact that many heating systems used in Florida homes are inefficient and costly to operate. In fact, strip or electric resistance-based heating uses two to three times more energy than air conditioning, according to Florida Power & Light (

The next time a cold snap hits remember the following tips to help keep you warm and your money in your pockets.

  • Go Low: For every one degree you lower your thermostat during colder weather; you’ll save about five percent on your monthly heating costs. Heat your home at 68 degrees or cooler with the thermostat fan switch on ‘auto.’ To save even more, lower your thermostat to 65 degrees or cooler at bedtime or when you’re away from home.
  • Stay Safe: Avoid using space heaters because they are inefficient, but if you have to, beware of the hazards. Take care to use for limited periods and directly to warm people, not whole rooms. Keep them away from children, pets and water to avoid electric shock and at least three feet from flammable materials or furniture. Turn off and unplug the unit when leaving the room for an extended period of time and avoid using extension cords.
  • Plug Leaks: Sealing doors and windows with weather-stripping or caulk is an inexpensive solution to help reduce the amount of air that enters or escapes your home through doors and windows.
  • Add Insulation: Insulation is a great money saver. Check above your attached garage, many times it is not insulated. Adding insulation here makes a big difference in your comfort all year long and lowers your energy bills.
  • Let the Sunshine In: Take advantage of the sun’s heat and light by keep your south-facing windows clean. Open curtains on south-facing windows during the day and close all curtains at night.
  • Consider a Heat Pump: The most efficient way to heat your home is with an electric heat pump: they heat more efficiently and can help you save money.  If you run the heat often in the winter you could save up to $75 per year heating with a heat pump system compared to a standard A/C system.
  • Upgrade your Old Heat Pump: Newer heat pumps are way more efficient than old ones. Save money all year by upgrading.

Now you know how to save energy and money during colder weather. For more information about heat pumps and heating your home, call Custom Climate Concepts today at (941) 955-COOL (2665).