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5 Tips for Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Contractor

Air Conditioner Repairman giving thumbs up signalOur Florida winter days are running hot and cold then hot again, so you may be operating your air conditioning system more than usual. If so, now may be the time to consider scheduling preventative maintenance with a licensed and experienced AC contractor, such as Custom Climate Concepts.

The key to effective preventative maintenance – and all air conditioning system work for that matter – is hiring a qualified professional. You want to select a contractor that can ensure your maintenance, repair or replacement job is going to go as smoothly as possible. Here are five tips on what to look for when selecting the best contractor for your home.

  1. Proper Documentation. It’s crucial that a contractor has up-to-date licenses and permits. To obtain a HVAC license in Florida, a contractor must have four years of experience in the field prior to the date of application. The company must also hold the minimum level of general liability and other insurance.
  2. Technician Support. Everyone has to start somewhere, but you may not want a newbie technician working on your system. Make sure your Sarasota air conditioning system company’s technicians have at least two years of experience. The firm should also encourage, or even give tech employees incentives, for ongoing training.
  3. References & Referrals. Reputation matters. Make sure that the contractor you hire has a positive reputation with past clients. This is a two-phase process. First, ask for local references and call them. Next, check Internet-based review sites to verify that your choice doesn’t have a negative online reputation.
  4. Over-the-Phone Quotes = Red Flag. If you end up needing more than simple maintenance, you want to get the best price, but more importantly – you want the best job possible. A contractor who gives you a quote over the phone, without stepping foot in your home, can’t possibly know the type of equipment you need or the amount of work needed for the job.
  5. Curious is Good. Your climate control situation is unique. A qualified air conditioning contractor is going to make sure you get the right service by asking questions. Again, it may be tempting to look for the least expensive deal, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Skilled contractors often have higher overhead costs due to things like keeping up with training and running a reputable business.

If it seems like a whole lot of work to find the best Sarasota air conditioning system expert for your home, just remember the old and very true line: ‘If you think hiring a good contractor is expensive, try hiring an unskilled one.’

For a contractor that meets all the above criteria call Custom Climate Concepts at (941) 955-COOL (2665).




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