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How You Can Contain Mold Growth

Humidity and MoldMold Series Part III: Once your HVAC system, including handlers, air ducts and other equipment, has been professionally eliminated of mold, the good news is you can help prevent its return. To do so requires keeping track of the maintenance of your AC system and of your home itself.

Mold & Your AC System

Whether you’ve just had your HVAC company eliminate mold from your system, or even if your HVAC doesn’t have an obvious problem with mold, here are some tasks to help prevent mold from occurring:

  1. Keep your AC condensate drain clear of debris: Blockage of air conditioning condensate lines can lead to water build-up at the base of the unit and ultimately to seepage of moisture into the home.
  2. Maintain your HVAC drainage pan: The drainage pan below your HVAC fan unit can become blocked resulting in standing water or overflow that may leak into your home.
  3. Replace the air filter in your HVAC system every 90 days: Consider upgrading to one that can filter dust and bacteria.

Mold Prevention in Your Home

The key to mold prevention is to avoid excessive indoor humidity. In your home that means:

  1. Use exhaust fans in your bathrooms frequently, especially after a bath or shower. Same goes for in the laundry and cooking areas.
  2. Repair any water leaks, including roofs, windows and pipes, as soon as possible. Thoroughly clean and dry after flooding.
  3. Store sources of (mold) food, such as books, clothing or paper, away from humid areas.
  4. Clean your refrigerator drip pan according to the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the doors seal properly: moisture can build up if they don’t.
  5. Use area rugs or washable floor surfaces in places that are susceptible to moisture. Wall-to-wall carpet as mold can grow under it and spread.
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