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3 HVAC Regulations to Watch For in 2020

Ozone Layer From Space View Of Planet Earth

Like all technologies, Air Conditioning Systems – and the rules, ratings and regulations about them – are always changing.  Air conditioning system professionals, like the experts at Custom Climate Concepts, know about these industry changes. You should too! Phasing Out of HCFC Refrigerants: You may have already heard that in 1992 the Environmental Protection Agency…

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AC Tune-Up Equals Savings and Extended Use

HVAC Technician performing air conditoning maintenance

You’ve probably heard stories of newbie car owners who didn’t know they were supposed to get oil changes and tune-ups so they were surprised when their vehicles’ engines shut down and had to be replaced. It’s the same for air conditioning systems. Without regular maintenance by a professional company like Custom Climate Concepts your HVAC…

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