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A Smarter Thermostat for your AC System

Smart Thermostat Example

Doesn’t it feel like our high-tech gadgets are getting smarter all the time? Not only that, these phones, watches and hybrid tablet/computers are becoming more ‘all-in-one’ by the minute. Take a picture, get a text, deposit a check, order breakfast, check the stock market and, of course, make a phone call – even from your…

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5 Guidelines for Buying a New HVAC System

heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment

It’s said that two of life’s major stressors are buying a home and a car. Well, getting a new HVAC system when you live in Florida is also a pretty big deal. Along with the myriad of choices available in the market today come many questions – what brand, what size, what vendor and… how…

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Going Green with Your AC System | SEER Ratings

While there is still debate about larger issues, like global warming, there is no question that supporting the trend of ‘going green’ is a good idea when it comes to HVAC systems. Why? Because the newer, more energy efficient systems not only help to conserve our vital resources – they also result in savings on…

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HVAC Duct Cleaning: Service or Scam?

man opening air conditioning filter in ceiling

True or False? A buildup of debris in ductwork and/or a dirty HVAC system can cause your energy bills to go up. True. Your air ducts are one of the largest systems in your home. If they are excessively dirty, or if the ducts are poorly sealed or insulated they are likely contributing to higher…

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