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Anticipate Lightning Damage Claims for your AC System

When filing a lightning damage insurance claim for your air conditioning system the most crucial elements for success are thorough documentation on your part and professional assessment from an authorized technician. You need to be careful because, while lightning damage is the most frequently claimed cause of loss to AC systems, it is also the most…

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Tricks of the ‘Too Good to Be True’ Air Conditioning Deal

scam artist

Such a Deal! Watch out for Air Conditioning Services with Steep Discounts It could come via a ‘Valpak’ coupon mailing or a flyer in your mailbox. You could get a robocall saying, “We just happen to be in your area…” or see an ad in a local newspaper. If the ‘special’ offered – whether for…

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Three (MORE) Air Conditioning Myths

HVAC Technician performing maintenance

It’s human nature to want to know the inside scoop. But when it comes to home air conditioning systems you can’t believe every piece of advice you hear. That’s why Custom Climate Concepts has compiled this second installment of some of our favorite Air Conditioning Myths, in hopes to spread the word about what really…

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Beat the Heat

Temperatures are going up

Is your HVAC system summer ready? You’ve probably heard the joke that in Florida there are only two seasons: hot and hotter. While this may not be completely true, with summer just around the corner so is the ‘hotter.’ Before that time, take note of some important steps to leverage the best out of your…

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Critters Can Cause Havoc to HVAC Systems

mouse in the house

“Snakes on a Plane” may be a movie thriller, but lizards in your air conditioning system can be a horror show. Living in Southwest Florida means homeowners contend with a lot of critters: we have 16 kinds of lizards alone, plus snakes, spiders and more. What happens when these creatures crawl into the HVAC system?…

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6 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

man opening air conditioning filter in ceiling

Just like outside air pollution is dangerous, your home’s indoor air quality may be harming you and your family. “The air in your home can be dirty and hazardous to your health. In fact, indoor air quality can be even more polluted than the air outside,” warns the American Lung Association ( The Environmental Protection…

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