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Temper Your Bad HVAC Habits

Protecting the health of your air conditioning system means keeping up with tasks like changing air filters and scheduling HVAC service. But, for the sake of your air conditioning system’s longevity, there are also things you shouldn’t do. If you are guilty of any of these HVAC bad habits you may want to change your tune. Otherwise you are heading towards  more AC Repairs.

  • Hot And Cold Thermometer CartoonsToo much hot and cold: If you are constantly adjusting your system’s thermostat you should know that the hardest part of an air conditioner’s job is start up and shut down. Too much adjusting can lead to more frequent on and off cycles, causing unnecessary wear and tear. Resist the urge to change your thermostat. Even better ask Custom Climate Concepts to install a programmable thermostat.
  • Green thumbprint: There is nothing wrong with a garden, but planting beds of bushes too close to your outdoor equipment is a no-no. First, the plants may block airflow: an AC efficiency and performance killer. They also may grow into your condenser and affect components, resulting in costly emergency repair.
  • Too much opening and closing vents: Your HVAC system is designed to heat or cool a specific amount of space. Closing registers and vents alters the amount of space being heating or cooled, making your air conditioner act as if it is improperly sized. This can lead to problems like longer run times, shorter system life and a frozen evaporator coil.
  • Neglecting good habits:  Forgetting to change your air filter or not scheduling preventative maintenance can cause problems both large and small. A dirty filter will not only block airflow, it can significantly lower the quality of your indoor air. And when a HVAC technician performs regular maintenance – at least twice a year – that professional can catch minor issues before they become big deals.

Custom Climate Concepts wants your heating and air conditioning systems to last as long as possible. Give us a call to schedule your summer maintenance today at (941) 955-COOL (2665).


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