Tricks of the ‘Too Good to Be True’ Air Conditioning Deal

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Such a Deal! Watch out for Air Conditioning Services with Steep Discounts

It could come via a ‘Valpak’ coupon mailing or a flyer in your mailbox. You could get a robocall saying, “We just happen to be in your area…” or see an ad in a local newspaper. If the ‘special’ offered – whether for HVAC services or a purchase deal – seems just a little too good to be true, it probably is. Air Conditioning Service is a highly competitive industry in Florida and scammers are always looking to trip you up.

Of course, not all of the deals that AC companies advertise are false. But before you make a decision, it’s important to give yourself time and check behind the scenes. Here are some suggestions:

  • Research the contractor before you make your decision: With all the chats and reviews you can find online, it wouldn’t take long to discover out more about the company. Check for positive and negative experiences and if it has a good reputation on online review sites. Not finding anything at all is also a ‘red flag.’
  • Be wary of high-pressure sales: If the follow-up to an offer, whether through email, phone or in person, feels aggressive, take care. If you are being pushed to make a quick decision about some great deal, chances are it’s better to let it go.
  • Check for licensure: Make sure you get HVAC equipment or services from a contractor with licensed professionals, and one that stands behind its work. This way you know you’re covered in the event something happens to the equipment after it’s installed.
  • Call the contractor. Ask if they have a local phone number you can use. Listen for a delay as they switch your call to a salesperson. Ask if they use subcontractors. If they ask “Can You Hear Me?” hang up right away. They want to record you saying YES to something else.
  • Look beyond just a lower price point: It’s natural to want to select the lowest price possible. But sometimes spending more money is worth it – especially if the cheaper work is shoddy or the equipment is not up to par.
  • Beware of an unverified source for equipment: For example, you may be offered a ‘great deal’ from an online auction. It’s difficult to guarantee the quality and sustainability of equipment when you’re buying it online.
  • Stick with Custom Climate Concepts: We stand behind our work and have been established for over 20 years!

In all, if you suspect a ‘trick’ or a ‘catch’ you are probably right. Take the time to do your research.  That will ensure you get your HVAC equipment from a licensed professional with verifiable credentials in your community, like Custom Climate Concepts. Then you can be sure that the service and equipment you purchase is truly worth it. For more information call (941) 955-COOL (2665).