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Whole Home Humidifiers

Gain Better Comfort With a Whole Home Humidifier

As we battle the intense temperatures in the Sarasota area, our air conditioners are working full time. An AC will typically dehumidify as it cools, and some people will experience dry indoor air as a result. If you find yourself in this situation, the easy solution for every room in your home is a whole home humidifier.

Let Custom Climate Concepts help you enjoy perfect, balanced humidity in your home.

Whole-Home vs Single Room Humidifier

If your humidity struggles are house-wide, a single-room humidifier is not going to be sufficient. You will also have to provide constant maintenance for it, including changing the water daily and clean the unit once a week. They are prone to breaking down when running constantly.

A whole-home humidifier will not only be adequate for all of your humidification needs but won’t have to be refilled and requires very little maintenance.

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Humidifier Benefits

If you’re in the market for a humidifier, then you probably notice physical discomfort. A humidifier will bring you instant relief, helping to ensure:

A humidifier can also help you preserve your home’s woodwork such as floors, cabinets and furniture.

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Call Custom Climate Concepts to discuss your options. Sometimes, dry indoor air can indicate that your AC is too large for your home. You may want to think about an AC replacement if this is the case. However, we’ll provide you with a humidifier if that is all you want or need!

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