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Why You Should Winterize your AC System

HVAC ChecklistOne of the best perks of Florida living is that our winters are never too severe. But that doesn’t mean colder days aren’t coming. The nature of Florida winter is that it can blow warm one day and cold the next. Sooner or later you will to need to flip the switch from “cool” to “warm” and back again for a number of months.

Ensuring that your AC system is ready for winter will go a long way toward reducing cold winter’s drafts (even Florida winter) and increasing the longevity of your AC unit. Here are some tips to ‘winterize’ your HVAC system.

Prepare Your Home

Small measures in and around your home can go a long way to improving the efficiency of your HVAC system in winter. For example, you can install weather stripping to windows and doors to stop drafts. It’s also a good idea to remove yard debris – like leaves, branches and other rubbish – from around your outdoor condenser unit. This debris can easily get past the protective screens of the outdoor heat pump unit and cause buildup, as well as contribute to moss and bacteria growth.

Routine Maintenance

Just because the more extreme heat of summer has abated doesn’t mean it’s smart to skip the standard maintenance of your HVAC system. By keeping up on seasonal maintenance – in this case ensuring that the unit is ready for winter – will go a long way toward reducing cold winter’s drafts and increasing the longevity of your HVAC system. Call Climate Control Concepts today to schedule a routine maintenance on your unit before temperatures drop even further.

Repair & Replace Parts

To keep your AC system working well all year, especially in the cooler months, now is the time to replace outdated or worn-out parts. If your outdoor condenser unit is more than five years old, it should be inspected to see if there is any problem or damage that need to be addressed – before it becomes a major issue.

In addition, it’s time to schedule an appointment if you’ve noticed that your:

  • Air conditioning unit is not blowing cold air
  • Heating system is unable to produce hot air
  • Furnace is making a loud banging sound
  • Unit won’t turn on or shuts off before a complete cycle occurs
  • Having these issues addressed and fixed now will reduce the likelihood that your unit will break down suddenly or after hours, hence avoiding an unexpected system failure or expensive repair bill.

Upgrade Your Heat Pump

If you have been considering upgrading your entire air conditioning system to a new, energy-efficient model, winter is the perfect time to act. Choosing HVAC models with a high SEER rating will help you get the most out of your heating and cooling system by minimizing energy usage, which results in cost savings. Click here to understand more about SEER ratings. When upgrading, consider a new programmable thermostat. An energy saving thermostat should work in unison with your entire home to control temperature and humidity in the air.

Check your Heat

When turning on your unit for the first time it is important to know what to expect. Sometimes when units are first turned on you will notice a burning smell. Usually this is dust burning off of the heating coils. The smell usually lasts 10-30 minutes. If the smell does not go away, turn the unit off and call Custom Climate Concepts.

The certified and trained technicians of Custom Climate Concepts are on hand for all your Air Conditioning winterizing needs. Call us today at at 941-955-COOL (2665).


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