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Your HVAC and the Holidays

Holiday Tips to stay safe and climate controlled

Your HVAC system is not going to suffer with a hangover or stomachache from holiday celebrations. Those are potential downfalls for humans over the winter holidays. But there are some scenarios that can negatively impact your HVAC and home. Here are suggestions to help keep your season cheery, bright and temperature appropriate.

Happy Holidays from Custom Climate Concepts

Holiday Celebrations? The Florida temperatures in November and December go up and down, so it’s likely that one day your guests will socialize outdoors and the next week indoors will be best. All that is great: it’s going back and forth, indoors and outdoors all day long that can impact comfort and increase energy usage. The best thing to do if you are going in and out a lot is to either shut off your system and use fans or be very aware and keep doors closed as much as possible so if you are heating your house stays warm and if you are cooling your house stays cool.

Cooking like Crazy? A bunch of people in your home, plus a working stove, oven, and maybe even a fireplace, can really bring on the heat. If you are hosting a big Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas dinner then lowering the thermostat a degree or two will probably be more comfortable. Likewise, if you are heading out for a day of shopping or fun with your guests, remember to adjust your thermostat back to its usual zone. Of course a programmable thermostat will self adjust after a temporary adjustment. Also if you are cooking a lot and don’t have a hood that exhausts to the outside the indoor air quality in your home can suffer. Be sure to allow some fresh air in your house when the weather is really nice like it can be in the fall in Florida.

Out of Town? Traveling and visiting friends and family is a lovely thing to do over the holidays. However, the last thing you want to think or worry about is your HVAC system. Here are some smart preparations to do before you leave home.

  • Schedule winter AC maintenance with Custom Climate Concepts. That way you will be sure that your HVAC system is in good working order, so it won’t be a concern in your absence. Call us at 941-955-COOL (2665)
  • Replace the filter. Even if you changed the filter last month and it looks reasonably clean, change it anyway. You may end up returning from travelling later than originally planned.
  • Make sure your windows are shut and locked and close all your window treatments to seal out sun.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Custom Climate Concepts!

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