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Your HVAC and Your Pets: Part 2

4 Tips to Keep your Pets Clean & Serene

Let’s face it: we love our pets. They are part of our family. But the shedding of fur and dander from fluffy or feathered loved ones can negatively impact your air conditioning system, your pet, or you and your family.

Here are four tips that will help ensure that your pets do not compromise your home’s HVAC system or air quality.

  1. Clean Air Starts with Clean Pets: Pet dander, which is produced by most pets with fur or feathers, is made up of tiny, oftentimes microscopic flakes of skin. Dander can seriously affect your home’s air quality as it accumulates and is distributed throughout your home by way of your HVAC system. The most important step in reducing pet dander in the home is prevention. Regular grooming of your pets is essential to their health and well being and it can also make a huge difference in the amount of dander they produce. Clean, well-hydrated and moisturized skin will create less dander. Bathe your cat or dog regularly using a gentle, moisturizing soap (as recommended by your veterinarian) and brush your pet’s fur regularly.
  2. Be Vigilant About Air Filters: You are probably aware that changing your HVAC’s air filter monthly is recommended to keep it running cleanly. But if you have a pet, or pets, it is a good idea to change your air filter more frequently than that. If a system or a filter becomes clogged with pet hair and dander airflow will be restricted, which can cause a number of problems. You may also want to consider upgrading to a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter made of densely packed layers of fibers that can capture ultrafine dust and dirt particles.
  3. Clean Your Ducts: Dander, along with other dirt particles, can get trapped within your ductwork, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Since your home’s air passes through this ductwork, the trapped dirt, bacteria and mold will get discharged throughout your home each time your HVAC system is turned on. Having your ducts cleaned can eliminate this re-circulating of dirt and dander. In addition, if your air ducts have cracks or leaks, you may want to consider having the ducts sealed to prevent further dirt from accumulating. Learn more about how Custom Climate Concepts can clean your ductwork.
  4. Guard Your Outside Unit: If you have dogs that run around your backyard with access to your outside unit, then you need to keep a close eye on it for damage. A dog may be able to claw at the outer unit causing it to bend or break. More likely, male dogs (and male cats) may want to ‘mark’ an HVAC unit, which can lead to corrosion of the coils. Consider installing a fence or hedge around the outside unit keep the dogs away.

For more information on keeping you, your pets, and your HVAC healthy call Custom Climate Concepts at (941) 955-COOL (2665).

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