Should Your Home Get Zoned Out?

Mini Split Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Zones using Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Do you have a room in your house that runs too hot or too cold? Or, is one family member always freezing when another is burning up? AC Zoning systems allow you to accommodate these different comfort needs, while also helping you save energy.

What is AC Zoning?

A zoning system is a supplemental system that improves the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system by splitting the home into multiple zones that can be heated or cooled independently of one another.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning Zoning

Zoning systems give homeowners more control over comfort and energy consumption where their HVAC systems are concerned, including:

  • Temperature Control: Temperatures in each zone can be directed independently from one another. That translates into no more wasted energy on heating or cooling an entire home when only a single room needs a change. This, in turn, saves energy and prevents uneven comfort throughout the home.
  • Comfort Control: With multi-zone cooling (and heating) the home is split into several different zones that can each be a different temperature – meaning that the living room can be cooler than the bedroom, or vice versa. Depending on how the home is split, the system allows more people to enjoy their preferred temperature inside.
  • Custom Control: Temperatures throughout the home can be better managed, accounting for differences in construction, exposure and use. For example, certain areas may be harder to keep comfortable due to more windows or sun exposure – a zoning system accommodates the special needs of these areas without disrupting comfort in others.
  • Efficiency Control: A zoning system also allows unused zones to be “shut down”, so energy use is limited, preventing waste. With improved energy efficiency and better comfort control, zoning systems limit the unnecessary work the heating and cooling equipment would have had to do to serve the entire home. This limits stress to the system, helping the units operate better and preventing breakdowns.

When To Install an AC Zoning System

Any home could benefit from installing an HVAC zoning system, but homes with certain architectural features often see bigger energy savings. Some of those features include:

  • High (cathedral) ceilings
  • Above-garage room or apartment
  • Lots of large windows
  • Basement or attic living space
  • A loft or sunroom
  • Multiple stories

Take control of your home’s temperature, comfort, efficiency and more with a zoning system. For more information, or to discuss further, call Custom Climate Control at (941) 955-COOL (2665)